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Millie Moo

Made with love

After years working in the Corporate World and having my daughter Millie, I needed a change. I have always been creative and Millie Moo Custom Hampers was a hobby that turned into a business. I am so lucky to be able to create something I truly love for a living. The name came from hearing everybody refer to Millie as Millie Moo. It became her nickname and I thought it was perfect for my business. At the time there was no other hamper business that offered the ability to customise your hamper. We love offering people the luxury of creating their own, including choice of ribbon colour.

Well, in a nutshell, I am quite crazy, quirky, creative and very very passionate about what I want and what I believe in for my business. I am blessed with an amazing, supportive husband, thoughtful hardworking son and possibly the most vibrant five-and-a-half year old you will ever meet!

Millie Moo

Say I love you

Millie Moo Custom Hampers was created out of a love of gift giving and being creative when Millie was 2 years old. I wanted to be in control of my day, my business and what worked for our family. We also include many handmade products in our hampers. This was something that I wanted to do from the start and we have so many amazingly creative people in Australia and have made many amazing friends along the way as well. We love supporting fellow small businesses.

We hope you enjoy all things Millie Moo!  We know we do!


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